Agario Unblocked at the school

Have fun modded as the struggle for survival in the petri dish. The behavior of many unicellular organisms under the microscope, if you will. On the white field to move many large and small cells. Each of them is controlled by a player, with the primary aim of the game is to be the largest cell by all. You grow by devouring smaller. The cells may be other players, but also immovable confetti, which appears at regular intervals on the field. You must be at least 25 percent greater than your sacrifice, so that the annexation succeed. The colors are irrelevant and only serve to distinguish. Moving is the way, with the mouse Australian Australia.


  • Nickname Mass Time
  • MUHAMMED 160012 18:01
  • cell 15776 1:45
  • beast 12240 1:28
  • JacobplayzYT 11387 6:55
  • PUMBA FAN 10547 2:18
  • ZERO 10080 8:38
  • βš”γŠ£πΉπ‘œπ’Έπ“Šπ“ˆγŠ£βš” 6972 0:48
  • Jacob 6746 14:46
  • Kelton 4624 14:41
  • Jacob 3703 1:42
You can save your score with the "Take Screenshot" button.

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